Cloud Computing Technologies

Anokas represents a pioneering venture at the intersection of cloud computing platform and blockchain technology. Anokas aims to revolutionize the way individuals and businesses engage with decentralized technologies, offering a comprehensive solution that encompasses cloud computing, VPN services, cloud data storage, and we are still growing.

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Focus and goals

We are still in the development process

  • Implement VPN services using popular VPN technologies.
  • Implement cloud computing, data storage and file sharing.
  • Increase Anokas accessibility globally.
  • Collaboration and partnership with local and global startups.

Anokas Core

Manage your Anokas coin effortlessly with the intuitive wallet interface.

Compatible with windows, linux, MacOS.


Secure Network

Anokas operates on its own blockchain, built on the Kawpow algorithm, to integrate blockchain technologies.

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Earn 30% (30/100) of block rewards with smartnodes

Running a smartnode does not necessarily require an operator to have expensive cryptocurrency mining gear. Smartnodes are specialized nodes on the anokas blockchain that maintains the networks security.Guide to smartnodes here.


Anokas operates on a capped supply of 214,500,000 coins with every 300,000 block halving cycle, block is generated every 60 seconds, facilitating rapid and efficient transactions. Smartnodes receiving 30% of block rewards. Miners Proof of Work receiving 60% of block rewards. Anokas has a 10% founders fee allocated towards the enhancement and development of the platform. More info about Tokenomics can be found at whitepaper.