Anokas VPN

Encrypts your internet connection and hides your IP address and location, making you much safer and more private online. Anokas VPN completely free.

Mobile VPN (android version)

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How To use Anokas VPN on PC
We have several location at this moment, will add more location later.

Singapore port: 9627

US (New Jersey) port: 9627

Netherland (Amsterdam) port: 9627

Germany (Frankfurt) port: 9627

France (Paris) port: 9627

Spain (Madrid) port: 9627

Brazil (Sao Paulo) port: 9627

You can setup extension for chrome : Check here


Short Video How To use Anokas VPN :

Benefits VPN/proxy

- Enhanced security/privacy online.
- Private browsing, watching and listening.
- Access to location-specific content.

- And more.